AR Weather App in Flutter using ARKIT — Lesson 1

In this lesson, we will import the required packages, configure the projects, and then import the models.

Here is the structured course of this project.

Importing the required Packages

  1. Go to pubspec.yaml file and add arkit_plugin: ^1.0.5 and http: ^0.13.4 package under dependencies.

2. Run flutter pub get command in your terminal.

Configuring for iOS

  1. Add this line in your Info.plist file, which will be under ios/Runner/Info.plist.
<string>Camera access required for AR</string>

2. Open Podfile and change the platform version from 9.0 to 11.0

3. Open a terminal and navigate to the ios directory from the current project and run pod install

No need to worry about warnings

Importing the models

  1. Open the Runner.xcworkspace file in XCode inside the ios directory.

2. Create a new folder models.scnassets inside the Runner folder.

3. Now import all the models. The models which are used are modeled using Blender.

You can check out the whole project on my GitHub.

Hurrah! and we are done with the Project Setup and Configuration.

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