Quickblox User Management in Flutter

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3 min readMar 17, 2022
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Hello all, In this blog, we will be looking into updating, retrieving users by Tag, and even updating the user profile pic and getting the users from the Quickblox after the user's account is created. Let’s get started.

Just a quick note, this blog is a continuation of Authentication in Quickblox in Flutter. Here's the link to that blog.

Retreive Users from QuickBlox

To get all the users from your QuickBlox application. You need to simply call the getUsers method in QB.users. If you want to apply any condition based on arrangement or filtration.

You need to use QBSort() for sorting the list of users according to your need.

QBUsersSortFields contains different attributes of QBUser and below in QBUsersSortTypes, we need to specify the type of QBUserSortFields we are selecting.

Retrieve Users by Tag

To get all the users based on the tags they have we need to call this QB.users.getUsersByTag method which gives a List of QBUser data.

Update User Data

You can even pass more additional value in QB.users.updateUser method but for now this data is enough for updating.

You can pass these many options if you need to update some other record.

Upload Profile Photo

We can even upload our profile pic in Quickblox. For Uploading image we need to pass the path of the image in the QB.content.upload method and we get a file of QBFile from this we get the blob ID and need to update the user.

Getting Profile Image Url

Pass the blob id in QB.content.getInfo in this method and you will get a file from that you can retrieve the profile pic URL.

You can check the official Quickblox documentation for more detailed information


Hurrah! and we are done with the User Management in Flutter. You can check my GitHub repository to have a more detailed view of this functionality and UI.

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